About Us

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"Passionately committed to helping our clients chart a clear path to top line growth"

About Us

Transforming ambition into results

Eton Bray is a management consulting firm that assists leading national and global companies tackle tough go-to-market choices that they face. We are a group of seasoned market strategists, thought leaders, and accomplished practitioners passionately committed to helping our clients chart a clear path to top-line growth through profitable connections with their customers and markets.

Today, rapidly shifting patterns of growth and economic activity place unprecedented pressures on companies to flawlessly respond to market volatilities and deliver superior levels of sustained performance. The linear and static view of the marketplace and emphasis on pushing more products and services to customers are now artifacts of the past. Achieving sustainable growth during these times of dramatic shifts hinges on the ability to build profitable and impregnable connections with customers and markets.

Eton Bray brings a unique mix of deep and well-practiced expertise and provocative ideas infused with a dynamic view of the marketplace to assist you in charting the growth journey. We see ourselves as our clients’ partner and advocate, and as such we apply our resources relentlessly and resourcefully to help our clients create a leap in value for their customers and their organizations.

Eton Bray can best be captured in the following three words:

Imagination               Passion for Results             Courage

  • We are an Imaginative group with well-honed talent for discerning wealth-creating opportunities. New market realities demand extraordinary skills in anticipating opportunity shifts and mounting a winning response with great speed and precision.
  • Our Passion for Results fuels our eagerness to jump into the market with our clients. We thrive in collaborating with our clients to move from strategic agenda to potent execution.
  • We have the Courage to pursue an unbeaten path. This is reflected in the way we manage our business and in the way we encourage our clients to set the bar for tomorrow’s definition of excellence.

To create a path where others have not yet traveled–that is the opportunity and exhilaration of our journey together

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