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Our Solutions

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“We incorporate patented
analytic tools to engineer
sustained high performance”

Our Solutions

Insightful, inventive, and practical are the hallmarks of our often pioneering solutions

We incorporate our proprietary frameworks, methodologies, and patented analytic tools to facilitate the discovery of optimal choices and engineer sustained high performance across our clients’ organizations.

Illuminate Opportunities

Illuminate OpportunitiesIdentify forces of change and interpret their implications for the growth agenda.

Eton Bray provides senior executives with rigorous customer, market, and industry pattern analysis combined with internal competency assessment.  The objective is to achieve clarity on where profitable and winnable growth opportunities are, and equip senior executives with the knowledge arsenal to map out vigorous strategies.

  • Customer & Market Pattern Analysis
  • Opportunity Assessment & Sizing
  • Competitive Analysis & Scenario Modeling
  • Internal Competency Assessment

Create Go-To-Market Path

Create-integrated-go-to-market-path Accelerate the trip from opportunity to operating results through a clear go-to-market path.

  • Customer Behavior Modeling
  • Offer Design Optimization
  • Sales & Distribution Model Design
  • Marketing Investments Optimization
  • Brand Management
  • Competitive Benchmarking & Best Practices Research
  • Partnership Selection & Management

Build Alignment

Build AlignmentSuccessful execution requires alignment across the extended enterprise.  Eton Bray assists its clients in harnessing competencies of external assets—customers, partners, competitors, suppliers.  We then align structural and non-structural elements of the enterprise—process, structure, culture, capability, rewards & metrics, values, knowledge, motivators.

  • Value Network Development
  • Organization Design
  • Behavior & Culture
  • Human Capital Management

Launch Prototypes

Launch-prototypesImplement in real time, learn fast, adapt, and build momentum.

  • Results Driven Market Testing & Modeling
  • Customer & Marketing Analytics

Measure, Innovate, and Scale


Establishing a system to define and monitor core indicators of performance enables companies to systematically measure achievements, learn, and control progress and risk.

  • Strategic Control System
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Knowledge Management
  • Functional & Industry Analytics

Our solutions are carefully and intelligently designed to meet your growth objectives

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